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Cape Scott Provincial Park: The most popular destination for backpackers, bird watchers and naturalists looking for adventure in the northern Vancouver Island region. Cape Scott Provincial Park is located near Holberg which is accessed by a 63 kilometre (hour and a half) drive over active logging gravel roads from Port Hardy, BC, Canada. The Cape Scott trail is a 50 kilometre return hike from the active Cape Scott Lighthouse.

Mount Cain: Vancouver Island's second mountain recreational resort is Mt. Cain. Silently growing into a destination known for less visitor traffic, powder snow and untouched, virgin ski runs is Mount Cain. Mt. Cain is rated as one of the best smaller powder ski hills in British Columbia, Canada. Ski Canada, recently ranked Mt. Cain as the 5th best in powder ski conditions in Canada.

Walking and Hiking: Many trails populate the area from easy to extreme. Experience the lush rainforest, the magnificent crashing waves along the shoreline, the amazing wildlife in their most rugged natural habitat all on foot with a camera in hand. It is a truly an amazing exploration of the mind as it wonders through the untouched backwoods of the area.

Whale Watching: Amazing Killer Whales, Humpback Whales and Minke Whales in their natural environment patrolling the waters on the tip of Vancouver Island were the waves are the most powerful. Enjoy the whales either by zodiac or a covered heated touring vessel. Take a trip out to Blackfish Sound, Mexicana Pt. and Johnstone Straight and watch them play and breach... or venture out to Robson Bight, a favorite rubbing beach and home to the Michael Bigg Ecological Reserve.

Ocean Fishing: Salmon, Halibut and Cod fill the Queen Charlotte Straight with plenty of fishing adventures for the avid fisherman. The area of Winter Harbour on the West Coast is also a prime fishing spot to unload any of your fishing frustrations. If only the local rods and reels could talk. The scenery is captivating and the adrenaline rush is reel as you tug and draw in your prize catch. 

Scuba Diving: Some of the best diving in the world is found off the coastal waters of Port Hardy. Claimed as the second best diving behind the Red Sea. Scuba Diving in Port Hardy brings many to explore the 'Browning Wall' rated #1 in BC ( Top 10 world) others want to see the tame wolf eels at Hunt Rock or the ship wrecks of the Themsis and S.S. Suwannee. So much to offer at Brownings Pass and God's Pocket, the marine life is all around you and visibility is excellent. Prime seasons in fall and spring. 

Caving: Cavernous river caves, limestone walled passageways, sink holes, disappearing rivers and lots of stalactites and stalagmites. A true explorer, the ultimate Spelunker will want to splash down at the Atlish River Caves, Devil's Bath, Eternal Fountain and the Disappearing River. For the curious-take a look at a basic caves at Little Hustan Cave Regional Park.

Village of Holberg & Winter Harbour: A scenic drive along active logging gravel roads for 63 kilometres to first Holberg, BC and then onto Winter Harbour. The road passes mountains, lakes and rivers. Loaded with ocean side scenery and abundant bird wildlife. 

Ocean Kayaking: The waters and coastal areas like Coal Harbour, Telegraph Cove and Quatsino Narrows is often chosen to be experienced with a paddle in your hand aboard a kayak. Throughout the Port Hardy area is some of the area's trickiest ocean waters and under currents available for ocean kayaking. The neighboring islands are rural and filled with wildlife. 

Bear Watching: The northern tip of Vancouver Island, a paradise for the wilderness viewer. It has a large concentration of Black Bears roaming the lush backwoods of the many park and wildlife areas. Watch in amazement as they live in their natural habitat. Neighboring islands or a boat ride to the mainland will pass Grizzly Bears grazing for food and patrolling the coastline. 

Bird Watching: Raptors, seabirds, eagles, herons, sandpipers, 12 species of birds that can only be found west of the Rocky Mountains and a whole lot more are found in the area's bird estuary, sanctuaries and many marshes. The Quatse Estuary is one of the best with a viewing tower for good views. The surrounding forest is a haven for breeding and nesting. 

Storm Watching: Magnificent rugged west coast storms in the winter season. Be absolutely prepared to get soaked if you venture out to Cape Scott Provincial Park to view the storms in the rainy seasons. It is well worth the trip to San Josef Bay Park and often you will be singing in the rain. You are entering the rugged, most rural wilderness around and the scenery is something you will never forget. The scents are fresh and the air is clean. 

Murals: Artists of the area are rewarded with the opportunity to paint the village of Port Hardy depicting the area's rich environment. Take a self guided tour around and about Port Hardy and enjoy the areas past and present through art. The murals can be found at the Airport Inn, Malone's Bistro, Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish plant, at the local library, North Island Dive Centre, Thunderbird Mall and Seagate Hotel. 

Chainsaw Carvings: Unique wooden sculptures carved with a chainsaw displayed throughout the village of Port Hardy depicting the areas history and environment. There is a wood carving "Salmon" at the RCMP building, an "Eagle" at the Glen Lyon Inn, a "Bear" at the Airport Inn, Public Library and at the entrance to the Bear Cove Highway. 

Totem Poles: A reflection of the deep First Nations heritage of the area. Totem Poles can be seen at Port Hardy Airport, Bear Cove BC Ferry Terminal, Chamber of Commerce building, Thunderbird Inn, Rotary Park, and Thunderbird Mall.


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